Jan 1, 2011

Santa Clause is REAL!

There exists at least one universe where not only is
Santa real, but he also looks just like this.
Ignore what all the mean older kids try to tell you.  Of course he exists.  In fact, it's not even that hard to prove.

First, you need to understand that there are an infinite number of universes (according to the multiverse theory of quantum mechanics).  There are so many in fact, that we're not only unable to count how many universes where you remembered to wear deodorant today, we also can't count how many where you didn't, or how many where you don't even have armpits!

So, this means that not only does Santa exist, he might exist in as many as half of all of the infinite number of universes!

"But, Aha!", The mean older kids might say. "Even if Santa is real in half of the possible universes, our universe might be on of those where he isn't real."

Well, that might be true.  But with an infinite number of universes, that means that not only is there at least one Santa Claus who can travel between universes, there is at least one Santa clause who can travel to OUR universe.

So hold on to your child-like hope, and keep on happily waiting for Santa.  And if the mean older kids just keep saying, "Nuh-uh," you can ignore them.  They just don't understand physics.

Happy Holidays, kids.  Of all ages.

From Surviving The World

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