Jan 17, 2011

A difference in values.

Many delusional FOX “News” viewers assume that we of the Left are mindless automatons, marching to the orders of some small group of "elites".

They assume this because that’s how they, themselves, happen to be. No matter how bitter the swill gets to be, the Rushpubliscum “base” will drink it right up, as long as whoever is serving it continues to spout the vile hatreds that those “values” voters all agree on. If you hate minorities, and you believe women aren’t really human beings, and you want to see the poor jailed and/or warehoused, and you mention Jesus here and there while you rage against all those who aren’t white and male, the Rushpubliscums will continue to follow you loyally.

Let’s contrast that with how we of the Left view John Edwards, who may be in some legal trouble (and I quite frankly hope he is, even though I’ve cast a couple of votes for him.) I see him as a wholly despicable piece of work, as most others see him; to cheat on your spouse while she is dealing with the extreme fear and stress of cancer treatment tells me everything I need to know about you, and I have absolutely no use for you anymore. As a matter of fact, nobody on the Left has any use for John Edwards anymore; we remember his platitudes, and how for a little while we thought he was one of the good guys, and we felt shocked, betrayed, and stupid-especially stupid-when his true nature was revealed to us. He’s through; no one on the Left will ever take this callous asshole seriously again, no matter how pretty his prose may be.

Now, let’s contrast that with the Rushpubliscums.

Newt Gingrich served HIS cancer stricken wife with divorce papers (so he could marry a younger woman he met at a fundraiser.) Later, he voted to impeach a sitting President for having an affair with an intern. At that very time, he was doing the EXACT SAME THING himself (he has since gotten rid of wife #2 in favor of the intern.) Newt, of course, is considered to be just a fine, fine guy by all those “values” idiots.

Rushpubliscum leader Rush Limbaugh, after railing year after year on the radio about dope addicts and how they should receive the harshest treatment the law can come up with, was himself found to be a dope addict, scoring his dope on the streets. He was also a “doctor shopper,” going to different physicians to get himself the fixes he needed. And after all THAT was revealed, he got busted coming into the US with a year’s worth of stolen Viagra in his luggage. He happened to be coming back into the US from a Dominican resort town well known as a place for wealthy North American men to go and have sex with underage male prostitutes.

Oh, and did I mention he’s been married 3 times? Matters not; the “Dildohead” Rushpubliscums just love his fat racist ass.

“Diaper Dave” Vitter, busted as a client of the “DC Madam” and quite likely a frequent visitor of New Orleans brothels, is a favorite among the “values” crowd.

Roy Blunt, present Congressman and Senate candidate from Missouri, tried to slide language into the bill that created the DHS that would have allowed the tobacco companies to exert near-total control over sales of tobacco products online. Not long after he tried (and failed) to hand over the Web to his tobacco patrons, he divorced his wife to marry Abigail Perlman, a tobacco lobbyist. Blunt is one of the most admired Rushpubliscum “conservatives” of this day and age.

I’ll stop with these 4; sitting here, I can think of exactly 11 more of these stories, but I really don’t care to make this post into a book. I am merely pointing out how gullible, hypocritical, and child-like the Rushpubliscum “base” is.

We of the Left will never be as monolithic as the Rushpubliscums are, because we think about things, rather than wait to be told what to think. And when we find out someone has been deceifving us, we’re done, no matter what they might tell us later. That makes us a lot different than the Rushpubliscums, who run around screeching about Hitler and Stalin-and never appreciating the irony of their words.

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