Jan 30, 2011

Fox News misplaces Egypt on map.

For those who may be relying on Fox News to inform them of the current unrest in Egypt, maybe you should reconsider.

Egypt is in northeastern Africa.  Not in the center of the Middle East.  See that little unnamed space to the west of Saudi Arabia?  Yeah, that's it.  What is labeled here as Egypt is actually... Iraq.

Yeah... Iraq.

From the 7/27/09 Live Desk.


  1. how are they the most watched news channel maybe that's why we're so stupid

  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Middle_East
    I think Egypt is in the Middle East. Might want to pull this down.

  3. Aha... They put an 'egypt' label on Iraq. The article title implies that Egypt is isn't part of the Middle East. I thought that was the issue.

  4. american geography strikes again

  5. just wanted to point out that they did the same thing during the iraq war... totally got iraq in the wrong place. should we bother to conjecture on why it is never they themselves that figure out the error? or not...

  6. I reworded the title of this post as there seems to be some confusion as to whether or not Egypt is considered part of the Middle East.

  7. I understand it was just a mistake... but damn it's a funny one.


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