Jan 20, 2011

Four Non Blondes is creating today's chart toppers.

Of course, many people know the majority of modern pop music is a manufactured product seldom written by the "artist" on the album cover.  Here's an interesting tidbit you may not be aware of, the singer of the one hit wonder band Four Non Blondes, Linda Perry, is behind many of the pop hits of the last decade. Here's a list of some of the song's she's written for today's "musicians".  (Aforementioned one hit wonder song "What's Up" after the break.)

Singles credited to Linda Perry

YearSongArtistChart Position
2001"Get the Party Started"Pink42241
2002"Beautiful"Christina Aguilera21481
2004"What You Waiting For?"Gwen Stefani4742221
"Mono"Courtney Love-41---
2005"One Word"Kelly Osbourne1219386469
"Idiot"Lisa Marie Presley-----
"Save Me (Wake Up Call)"Unwritten Law-----
"Redlight"Kelly Osbourne-73---
2006"Wonderful Life"Gwen Stefani-----
"Perfect Stranger"Cheap Trick-----
"Hurt"Christina Aguilera19112119
"Nothing But"Skin----
2007"Candyman"Christina Aguilera25171182
"Where Do We Go"Ben Jelen-----
2008"Superwoman"Alicia Keys8212843-57
"Keeps Gettin' Better"Christina Aguilera714141226
2009"La Scala (The Ladder)"Giusy Ferreri27

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