Jan 25, 2011

Atheists will fucking kill you.

Better run kids.  The vicious, murderous atheist behind this blog may just decide to end your life.  You know... cause he doesn't care about anything, believe in anything, or have any moral values.  Just pray he's too busy raping his mother, eating babies, and throwing orgies in the streets to bother blowing your face out the back of your fucking skull with a carbon steel .357 magnum revolver.

"Militant atheists' vicious attack on Christianity"

"Doing God's good work"

How much bullshit do you hear in the media (especially Fox News and their affiliated radio stations) about atheist being "militant" for organizing campaigns to promote reason, science and humanism? Are we really the ones promoting hate and intolerance? I think not.

This sign was funded by Ken Ham and the Answers in Genesis crew who brought us the infamous Creation Science Museum in Kentucky.  Glad to see they're still carrying out their good work.

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