Oct 23, 2010

A debate between Aristotle's Muse and a creationist.

This page is a chronological documentation of an ongoing debate on facebook between myself and creationist Ejobi Joe.  I apologize for the sometimes sub-par writing structure.  I didn't write these to be posted on a blog, only as a quick post on some random facebook wall.

If you ever find yourself wanting to observe a creationist get veritably bitch-slapped with logic, this article is most definately for you.  Conversely, if you ever find yourself wondering why atheists get so frustrated when speaking to Christians, this should put to rest any and all questions you may have on the subject.



  1. Madness. Why would someone seeking credibility for their argument not proofread what they write? Or, for that matter, why would someone who claims to practice the Golden Rule want anyone's head to explode?

  2. Nobody ever accused creationists of making sense. :-)

  3. I do heartily sympathise with you. You used brilliant logical arguments and made an excellent case. Unfortunately your opponent didn't understand that. I guess reason is based on evidence, and faith is based on emotion - and the two will never meet.


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