Oct 6, 2010

Jesus Tapdancing Christ!

Jesus Christ’s name, if he ever existed at all, was not Jesus Christ.
When the English rendered the Latin IESVS from the Greeks who translated the Semitic name Yeshua, they came up with Jesus (Yehoshua became Yeshua became Iesous became Jesus), and that name stuck. But his real name in his own language was Yeshua. Translated into English as Joshua.
Christ was not his last name either. The “Christ” was the Hebrew word for the messiah that was prophesised to free the Jews from Roman occupation. He claimed he was the Christ during his life, as did thousands of hopeful prophets in the era. (It was a genuine profession at the time, much like a Guru is in India today.) Ultimately however, he did not free the Jews. He was in fact executed by the Romans. The prophesised Christ destined to free the Jews never came and they remained under Roman rule.

This is, of course, if he ever even existed at all; which is debatable.
So any time you exclaim “Jesus Tapdancing Christ!” you are not blaspheming, because that name was never used by any man claiming to be the son of "YHWH" a.k.a "Yahweh" a.k.a "The God of Abraham", a.k.a “God”.
Isn’t history fun?

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