Sep 20, 2010

Woman thought infant she stabbed was "Antichrist"

It appears that another religious fundamentalist has attempted to murder a family member in the name of her religion.

Sandra Clanton, 39, of Elmhurst Illinois was in her kitchen last September eleventh with her boyfriend, her 9 month old grandson, and the child's mother when she "went into a rage", picking up the baby and slamming its head into the sink. She then took a large butcher knife and began sawing at the babies face under his eye.

The infants mother grabbed the child and ran to the police station while the boyfriend wrestled Clanton to the ground.

Clanton later told plice that the "baby was the Antichrist"

The child suffered a "substantial would" under his eye and bruising to his head, but a scan showed no other serious damage.

Bond has been set at $2 million.

A link to the story in the Chicago Tribune can be found here.

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