Sep 29, 2010

New at Aristotle's Muse; Three Invisible Dicks!

Aristotle's Muse isn't meant to be a blog about politics.  That being said, it's very hard not to talk about politics when up-and-coming politicians are routinely spewing forth creationist banter and total lies (as though one could differentiate the two).

I received a lot of comments when I posted the picture of Sarah Palin with the caption "Three Invisible Dicks"  Seeing as how politics have been heating up recently, and the teabagger movement has spiraled out of control, I thought it might be good to expand on the idea.  Since I already had a Obama HOPE poster template from the SAGAN poster, I decided to go the route of another Obama HOPE style design.

First the original

Then the finished poster

I don't know, I think "Three Invisible Dicks" has a lot better ring to it than the original Obama HOPE poster's monosyllabic message. What do you think?


  1. Funny, but a little scary, too; ever see those videos of Hitler pounding the podium in the middle of a speech? That's what she reminds me of.


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