Nov 15, 2010

Palistenian atheist faces life in prison for insulting Islam on facebook.

An atheist in Palestine has been sentenced to life in prison simply for his posts on facebook.  I don't yet know if he was one of my "facebook friends", but given the sheer number of formerly Musilm atheists I regularly converse with on facebook, I'd say it's a good possibility.

If anyone needs convincing that Islam is a very primitive, malicious, backward, and dangerous religion, here is a excerpt from the article.
Spending your life in prison for "insulting the divine essence" on Facebook certainly seems a bit extreme, but many residents in Qalqilya, including some of Husayin's own family members, actually support the punishment. "He should be burned to death," said 35-year-old local Abdul-Latif Dahoud. Dahoud added that the execution should be held publicly as "an example to others."
A "bit extreme"?  I'd say it's, criminally extreme.  Insanely extreme.  Abso-fucking-lutely extreme!  Why not just go about burning teenage girls at the stake for suspicion of witchcraft?

A truly benevolent god would not condone such an extreme overreaction to expressing rational thought.  This is absolutely disgusting on a deep and powerful level.

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  1. You're right that this is a terrible overreaction, but I would point out that this isn't representative of all Muslims, just like the morons who protest soldiers' funerals aren't representative of all Christians.

  2. True, this is not representative of all Muslims. What really has me worked up though is not that some Muslims support this, it is that this particular government does, and enforces it with it's judicial system. I'm ranting more about theocratic government more than Islam.


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