May 3, 2011

Carl Sagan responds to creationist, fundamentalist Christian.

The news headlines today, especially those from conservative news outlets, often times deal with the "New Atheists" and their attack on Christianity or Christian institutions.  Every year, Bill O'Reilly shouts from his metaphorical rooftop of the poor Christians suffering from the hateful atheists' "War on Christmas".  Christian apologists, and even former heads of state including president G. W. Bush suggest the brand of creationism known as "Intelligent Design" should be taught alongside evolution in science classrooms, despite what the "atheists" have to say on the matter.

With all of these current events being branded as some kind of brand new influx of "New Atheism" encroaching on the good Christians of the nation, it's easy to forget that this has been going on for ages.  Criticism of religion and Christianity has always existed in America, and in fact, many of the founding fathers of America were outspoken critics of Christianity and organized religion.  As were the large majority of the worlds greatest modern thinkers.

Carl Sagan, possibly the greatest communicator of science in the modern era, was no stranger to the "debate".  Here's a video of the late Carl Sagan taking a phone call on a radio program from a creationist fundamentalist Christian.  See if you can recognize some of the same old tired arguments that are still being brought up today, as well as the caller's unwillingness to listen, consider, or even let Sagan finish his response to the creationists questions and accusations.

Some things never change.  In fact, Fox "News" has built it's entire business model on this behavior.

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